FFVII HD Walkthrough Pt. 6 ~ SECTOR 5 SLUMS

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Video Description

This is my NO COMMENTARY walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII PC Version with several Mods for Visual Upgrades only!!!
(I also made sure that it was the original PSOne music but I keep hearing that it is available on the steam version now anyway.)

It is still Final Fantasy VII Vanilla (Vanilla meaning the original PC/PSOne Version everyone knows and loves) but with a nice coat of paint on top!

I downloaded Final Fantasy VII from Steam Which Can Be Found Here:


Buy the game and support Square-Enix for such a Great All Time Classic!!!

If you own Final Fantasy VII PC Version the Mods & Lengthy tutorial of how to install can be found here (WARNING: link's may be dead if new ones found please contact me):


I personally Opted to Download all of the Mods even the ones I'm not using from the torrent provided on that site. Installing each individual Mod takes a long time and some of the links are not working so you can get every Mod in one package which is 17GB in size so be prepared for a lengthy but well worth it wait!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!

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Hello You there! Yes you reading this! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to check out this video AND for reading this description!


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