Ashe Arrow Montage - The Last Arrow

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Video Description

Maybe you would prefer a Jinx ult montage?

Ezreal Montage!:

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This will be my last ashe montage (Although i will continue uploading ashe arrows that i think are pretty awesome), its taken a while to finish this as i haven't been able to get as many ashe matches in as i'd wanted last holidays.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed :) And if you haven't then please do :)

Other Ashe montages:

The picture shown at 0:25 is an ashe wallpaper i made which can be found at

League of Legends (c) Riot
Songs (In order of use):
Immediate Music - Emergence of Empire
Two Steps From Hell - Moving Mountains
Two Steps From Hell - Protectors Of The Earth

[EDIT] My god, i could not have guessed i would get over 100,000 views :D Thanks everyone for sharing this around and all the awesome comments. 400,000 now :D. 700,000 D: 900,000 -_- 10,000 likes o_o 1 MILLION WOOT
EDIT2: The dodgey arrows are because of lolreplay, in-game they were all hitting as normally but because i was frapsing from the replay program that's why it looks weird :)

Extra info:
I play on OCE (used to be NA) under the name Boss achilles. I used coral video studio to edit fyi.

What's that? You don't play LoL? Oh Mee Gee join NOW!

TL;DR I put ashe arrows with music which is in the description. I am bronze/silver/gold/plat/diamond/challenger on all my smurfs, deal with it. *glasses.jpg*

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